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Championship Poodle Breeder & Groomer Annette Shepard...
Shares 35 Years Of Grooming Secrets Allowing You To Save Money & Time While Forging A Deeper Bond With Your Poodle


poodle expert Annette Shepard
From The Desk Of: Annette Shepard
Location: Toney, Alabama
Product: Poodle / Dog Grooming DVD
Release Date: December 15th, 2008
Product Type: Instruction "How To" Grooming DVD

Dear Friend,

Every month thousands of Poodle Owners take their canine family members to the groomers. But its expensive, takes a lot of time and can be stressful... especially if they tell you 'come back another day, we're kind of busy at the moment'.

Wouldn't it be great if you could eliminate all this stress, save money between groomings, avoid unfamiliar groomers and properly groom your Poodle at home whenever you felt the need.

I've been professionally grooming Poodles for over 35 years and breeding and showing Standard Poodles for more than a decade. I can teach you how to give your favorite family member their special Hollywood look... and save you money too...

poodle grooming dvd

"I brushed Alex and Emma this morning using your technique
and they not only looked better after I was done, but they were also more relaxed while I was brushing them."

Hi Annette,

I finally got a chance to see you video last night. I really liked it. It was very informative and covered many areas that were important to poodle owners. I especially liked the ear cleaning part and learned a great deal on how to brush a poodle, along with gaining a good knowledge of all the tools one should have to keep your poodle looking fabulous.

I brushed Alex and Emma this morning using your technique and they not only looked better after I was done, but they were also more relaxed while I was brushing them. The trimming part of the adorable puppy was excellent. Your paw work makes my groomer look like an amateur and the bath segment really voiced the importance of shampoo usage and how critical it is to rinse your dog thoroughly.

Olivia Simonds



Can I Learn to Groom My Poodle Well Enough That
Friends Won't Know The Difference?

Better Actually. And Here Is Why ...

Its true, anyone can groom a dog... but doing it right, not hurting your dog and ending up with a beauty instead of a beast... Now that's a different story.

In the beginning, I groomed all kinds of dogs mainly because I needed the income. But then I fell in love with making dogs feel so very special. 20 years after grooming for others, I opened my own 'all breed' grooming facility. And this I have operated for more than a decade.

My place is better, because it allows me to put quality ahead of quantity... Yes its true. When you go to most groomers saving time and making as much money as possibly is usually what they want.

It's not their fault, but its also not good for your Poodle. Just a few less visits to the groomer because of part-time Poodle grooming at home will do wonders for your pocketbook. I guarantee it.

I'm totally convinced you can learn how to groom your Poodle as good as a professional... probably even better. And remember grooming is truly an act of love.

Because excellent 'at home' grooming can be accomplished with just a few simple instructions, I
decided to hire a professional camera team to shoot my entire Poodle Training Process...

And the DVD video we filmed shows just how easy, loving and very satisfying an act... this truly is.

I've learned from some of the best Poodle groomers in the country, been involved in ongoing seminars with the National Dog Groomers Association and continue to breed Standard Poodles too.

Yes, people fly across the country to purchase my Poodles... learn my grooming techniques... and look over my shoulder to learn what I do... PoodleGroomingVideo will give you all this and more.


Where Can I Go And Who Should I Trust To Teach
Me The Best 'At Home' Poodle Grooming Techniques...

Another Great Question, obviously, I think you've come to the right place, here's why.

award winning standard poodleI've finished 2 Champions and continue to show, breed and groom Standard Poodles for myself and for others and have done so for more than 11 years... I have groomed all breeds including poodles for the public for over 35 years. Now I specialize in poodles and a few of the smaller breeds.

In 2007, I took my red bitch (now co-owned with Dr. Bill Green) 'Scarlet' to the PCA National Specialty. This I did because I wanted her to be seen and felt she had something very special worth showing.

Not only did she show well, but she also broke 3 records just for her color.

She won her '6-9 Puppy Bitch' class (something never done with a red bitch before) and then she went on to win 'Best Standard Puppy'.

Against all the other white puppies, my 'Scarlet' won her class, which is a difficult task to say the very least. Then she won 'Best Puppy in Show'.

When choosing where to learn Poodle Grooming, make sure the dog groomer knows what he/she's doing and has a bustling business providing these exact same services.

If she's a breeder and wins awards then consider this an added bonus.

And now you can learn 'do it yourself' Poodle Grooming in the comfort of your own home...


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In Just A Few Minutes You Can Be

  Saving Thousands Of Dollars Over The Course Of Your Poodles Life

  Building Confidence By Learning 'How To' Home Poodle Grooming

  Reducing Your Poodle's Stress Level By Turning 'Tears into Joy'

  Creating A Greater Emotional Bond With Your Poodle

  Eliminating The Dangers of Not Using a Regular Groomer While on Vacation

"There is so much information packed into the video, that we will
have to watch many times, and we will still be learning."


Kevin and I have viewed your grooming video, some parts twice. This weekend we plan to follow up on your fantastic grooming advice by placing orders for some of the products that you recommend. And we will have bath time. We found the dvd to be very informative, and will try as many of the tips as we can.

There is so much information packed into the video, that we will have to watch many times, and we will still be learning. We plan to offer this video to our groomer. I like your's and Brian's style. I felt as though you were sharing the grooming profession, not trying to sell. Very refreshing.

Gail Walker

Inside this Award Winning 'Poodle Grooming
Instructional Video'... You'll Learn How to

  • Groom your Poodle safely using professional brushing strategies and techniques

  • Trim your poodle's coat for low maintenance and keep him/her cool too

  • Master the top 2 non-show cuts that will make them look best as can be

  • Maintain their coat by using proper brushing techniques

  • Do the pet puppy trim, the Lamb trim and discuss the other cuts too

  • Determine the proper equipment to use and buy to avoid wasting your money

  • Use clippers, blades and scissors and other equipment at the right times

  • Trim your poodles nails easily without damaging their quicks

  • Pluck their ears and prevent infection just like top Poodle groomers

  • Bathe your pet without a struggle and a mess

  • Cut their hair safely and maintain it at a proper length with ease

  • Trim their feet, face and nails for the daytime or for show

  • Find and avoid the more sensitive regions of your pet to avoid hurting them

  • Hold your Poodle properly when grooming to avoid getting bitten

  • and much, much more...

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Thanks for getting the video out so quickly, I'm really excited about it.

happy poodle grooming video customer

Julie Marczak (And Treasure)




Forget cheap ebooks, reports or other “digital products” because now you can learn how to groom your Poodle with this Professional Grooming DVD Video... shipped directly to your home...

Sit back, relax and watch over three full hours of grooming tips, techniques and secret methods that will allow you to get the best look for your family dog whether or not you decide on competition.

This DVD has been digitally mastered and is reproduced in the highest of quality and is also recorded in extremely high definition.

You'll certainly cherish this instructional video for many years to come.

Its step by step, very detailed and will take all the guesswork out of
learning on how to clip, trim and clean your Standard Poodle at home.

The video was shot on location at my private Poodle Grooming Shop located in the American midwest.

This DVD video will show you how to greatly reduce the number of $100 trips you make to professional dog groomers. Now you can do it at home, all by yourself with ease and with confidence!


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Even if you don’t want to groom your poodle EVERY time... this video will help you to maintain your dog’s health, hygiene and good looks between professional groomings.

Helping your Poodle to avoid the 'scruffy' look will also give you more respect and them more confidence... which is truly the making of a much stronger relationship... a loving relationship that is.

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Your DVD will ship within 24-48 hours M-F via USPS First Class Mail in a protective professional
case and padded envelope to ensure safe delivery to your door.

Happy Grooming!


P.S. This High Quality 3 Hour DVD Poodle Grooming Video will Show You Everything You Need to Groom Your Poodle at Home and Save Hundreds of Dollars Year After Year... Start Saving Today...

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